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How To Be A Goth (in less than an hour):
"hot metal and methadrine...":
The Gothic Dome:
The Gothic Classifieds:


Gotta Have It!
Free Web-Based Email
Choose your own PERMANAENT address
Have fun and might even learn something *shudder*

Shall We Play A Game?

Infinity Ball
The Savior of the Indescisive!
The Love Calculator
On a Scale of 1 to 100 How Do You Rate?
The Smoking Head of BOB
For Those Of Us That Have Trouble Taking Advice From A Pool Ball.
Decapitate An Angel
For the Little Goth in Everyone
The Cyrano Server
Love Letters for the Poeticly Impared.
The Virtual Florist
Low Maintenance flowers...
Web Match
Find someone to send flowers to...
Tripod Valentine Maker
'Tis The Season...

These toyz have been played with times.